Best moment of your career so far?I don't think I can pinpoint any one best moment. It's been an amazing ride, and every single day can be distilled into key milestones and building blocks of my professional life. Each of you is under 30 years old, which means you were even younger when you first launched your business! Were there any doubts or insecurities when you launched your company at such a young age? Did it present any obstacles?Mostly, will we ever make money? How will we pay rent or keep going out for fancy dinners? Perhaps it was naivety but we had a lot of confidence in our ability to get work for Willow & Blake out in a year then we would go back to the drawing board Golden Goose Sale (or our previous employers).Even in the best business relationships and friendships, disagreements are bound to arise.

End Wednesday.Scene opens: it's Thursday morning, sunny and beautiful. Alaina ventures to get the rental car while Danielle carefully snaps photos of the hotel and surrounding streets. Take us through an average day at work. What does your typical schedule look like? Truly, no day is the same! But on a regular basis, my days are filled with conference calls with clients/prospective clients, countless emails, internal meetings and brainstorms (often over pizza, my favorite food), a lot of writing (pitches, press releases, strategies), coffees/lunches/drinks with media, and industry events.

How to do it:Run the beauty blender under water and then squeeze out any excess. Wrap it in a paper or hand towel and squeeze, making sure the beauty blender is just barely damp. Your blog is so beautiful and well done. How do you maintain frequent posts with so many other priorities? Do you recommend blogging as a marketing tool for other designers?My blog is absolutely my best marketing tool.

worked with some amazing brands like Bliss, Louis Vuitton, and Scoop NYC. How did you balance Golden Goose such large clients when you were first starting out?m not big on fear. The result is a moist, tender dish that is ready in just 10 minutes. And you can even serve it directly out of the paper used for cooking, meaning less dishes to clean too.


These numbers ought to serve as a reminder that progress requires our attention and efforts. Just last night, North Carolina failed to repeal a discriminatory bathroom law requiring transgender people to use the facility that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate.